Whether it is a Home loan for purchasing a house, flat, duplex, commercial property or plot of land and construction thereof; or is it for renovation and extension of existing structures, the consultants at Swasti Realty facilitates and provides you all the assistance you require from documentation & filing of papers to disbursement of the funds.

We minimize your need of running here and there, and tapping the liaison of unorganized brokers about whose quality of service and integrity you are not aware of. We act as reliable home loan consultants and housing loan facilitators for all of your housing related financial matters.

The range of products provides the clients varied opportunities in terms of rate of interest, repayment terms and loan amounts. So whether you are a salaried or a self-employed, loans fitting your state of affairs might be just a click away.

On the property front, following loan facilities exist for eligible borrowers –

  • Housing loan for purchase of a new or existing property
  • Loan for renovation of the house or for additional construction
  • Loan against Property (LAP)
  • Loan against rent receivables
  • Reverse Mortgage Loan
  • Bank Transfers (BT)

Our preferred banking partners for Loans & Financing are --

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